A website wireframe is a visual prototype of a website that focuses on strategy, visitor intent, and determining the most efficient site architecture while still factoring in SEO considerations. To keep things simple, wireframes are void of all color, styling, and imagery. Take a house for example. A website wireframe is essentially a blueprint that shows the plan for plumbing and electricity without the interior design elements. My wireframes are interactive, which means you and your stakeholders are able to click through the entire site allowing you an initial feel for the user experience.


A website mockup is a high-fidelity version of the wireframe which represents the way a website will look and feel, and how visitors will interact with the final product on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Once the home page mockup is approved, I move into designing the internal pages. Again, I make the mockups completely interactive just like the wireframes.


In the design approval stage, my clients provide me with any feedback and/or changes they’d like to see to the website mockups before moving into the development stage. Once the final sign off occurs, I begin developing the website mockups. This keeps clients on track with the brand and vision we constructed.


I always test the display and functionality of your new website across the most common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE), mobile devices, and desktop resolutions. You’ll be able to test the website via a demo version accessible on your own computers and devices. Page speed testing is performed to ensure fast load times (<2 seconds) for optimal user experience.


When I am close to the launch phase in the web design process, I have an extensive checklist to cover as well as conducting quality checks and design reviews. I test to ensure all pages and elements are mobile responsive for tablet and mobile as we designed in the wireframing phase.


At the maintenance phase, your website should be doing its job in finding your target audience and converting them to potential customers. The last thing you should worry about is website updates and security. I will set you up with an easy to use interfacer so you will be able to do minor updates/additions/edits with out the cost of hiring someone else. Because I care deeply about your business and its success, you may also choose a customized maintenance solution so you can focus on your new influx of customers!